Health and safety

ArcelorMittal’s core philosophy is to produce safe, sustainable steel, making health and safety the priority for the company.

We work every day in dangerous conditions, where accidents are always possible. Our ambition is to be the safest company in our sector. This is a challenge that we are determined to achieve. The long-term goal is to have no fatalities or lost time injuries, and our company-wide safety program, Journey to Zero, is designed to reach this goal.

We measure safety performance through what is known as the lost-time injury frequency rate or LTIFR. This is the number of lost time injuries per million hours worked, for both employees and contractors. We investigate all accidents in detail, but ArcelorMittal’s Journey to Zero program is about preventing accidents by understanding risks and hazards, and taking appropriate action on them. This involves setting up advanced safety monitoring systems, which take into account both the physical and human aspects of workplace safety.

We aim to establish a culture of shared vigilance, in which everyone takes responsibility not just for their own safety, but also for the safety of those around them, including the many contractors who work at our facilities. 

Health and safety in ArcelorMittal Zenica

Since its beginning, ArcelorMittal Zenica has maintained that Health and Safety is our number 1 priority.

The Health and Safety is embedded deeply into the foundation of everything we do, not because we are forced to comply, but because we believe that is the right way to do things.

Health and Safety is an integral component to each of our 3 existing values – Quality, Sustainability and Leadership.

We will never compromise on Health and Safety matters. Only total safety, with zero incidents, will ever be satisfactory. This is the journey we in ArcelorMittal Zenica take together. We do our best to be vigilance, to continuously  identify risks and to eliminate the causes of risk so succeed in our goal. And, our ultimate goal is “Zero injuries”.

Each of us has a vital role in that journey. The Management team to make sure that rules and  procedures are constantly adhered and enforced, and training and safety equipment are provided and updated. It is the solemn duty of each employee to follow procedures strictly, use the safety equipment without fail, and diligently take part in training.

Beyond that, there is one extra step we all want to take on this road. Each and every one of us to keep our own safety, and the safety of our co-workers as our number one thought. That will materialize the Value which will be helping to build that Safe, Sustainable Future for steelmaking in Zenica.